1 Soju + 2 Terra at $30 only for Oppa Sha-Shabu

Dive into Oppa Sha-Shabu & BBQ’s Hottest Deal: 1 Soju + 2 Terras for $30! Indulge in the ultimate pairing of Sha-Shabu with this limited-time offer. Soju’s smoothness and Terra’s exotic twist make for a memorable dining experience.

1 Soju + 2 Terra at $30 only for Oppa Sha-Shabu

Get ready for a Korean dining experience like no other at Oppa Sha-Shabu & BBQ, with this hottest deal – 1 bottle of Soju and 2 bottles of Terra for just $30.

Gather around our sizzling grill, sip on Soju, and let the Terra transport you to new heights of flavor. Cheers to great food, great company, and great savings!

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