Our Space

Our Space

Entertainment that’s more than just amusement and momentary delight, we bring you a space that shapes meaningful interactions
and compelling experiences, a space for you to build a new world where dreamers, playmakers and do-ers connect.

Here, we champion the freedom to retreat, recharge and reinvent according to your terms. Eat, learn or play, find expression,
empowerment, and entertainment – at GR.iD.


Bring your ‘A’ game with what’s new and one-of-a-kind! Check out our mix of lifestyle and fitness options curated just for you.

Your stomach waits for no man. It’s time to torch your tastebuds and feast on this smorgasbord of munchies.

Business on top, and a massive party down below. You heard it from us first! Peep the latest workshops, events and happenings here.


Take your fun seriously at our experimental playground; to live, laugh, and have a kickin’ great time with our range of entertainment experiences!